Breaking the Taboo

Breaking the Taboo

The War on Drugs has failed. After 50 years of prohibition, illicit drugs are now the third most valuable industry in the world after food and oil, all in the control of criminals. Drugs are cheaper and more available than ever before. Millions of people are in prison for drugs offences. Corruption and violence, especially in producer and transit countries, endangers democracy. Tens of thousands of people die each year in drug wars. . . . → See: Breaking the Taboo


This medical cannabis film is a compilation containing comprehensive scientific data and positive human testimonials including remissions from people who suffered with various illnesses including cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, crohn’s decease & many more. . . . → See: Cannabinoids

American Weed

Colorado is experiencing its second gold rush, only this time around it’s being called the “green rush.” It’s all about medical marijuana, which is fast becoming a very big business. National Geographic goes deep inside this brand-new cannabis culture by following an exceptional group of Colorado residents—growers, patients, dispensary owners, cops, caregivers, entrepreneurs, advocates and opponents—as their lives are transformed by medical marijuana. . . . → See: American Weed

Should Grandma Smoke Pot?

Called by one media critic, “Genius”. Produced by famous smuggler, author/activist Robert Platshorn and the award winning film maker Walter J. Collins. This made for TV version of Roberts Silver Tour stuns viewers with medical and legal facts long kept from the public. . . . → See: Should Grandma Smoke Pot?

Mullaways Medical Cannabis

Mullaways Medical Cannabis Pty Ltd (Mullaways) is the first medical cannabis company established and registered in Australia for the purpose of research, development and to provide traditional cannabis medicines. Mullaways is at the forefront of medical cannabis research and development of traditional cannabis medicines in Australia and is dedicated to the development of cannabinoid based traditional medicines both with and without psychoactive properties to treat disease; the symptoms of disease and for general health maintenance. . . . → See: Mullaways Medical Cannabis

Trip: The BC Bud Chronicles

GS-Joe Films about the British Columbia marijuana industry. Released 2007. The movie features interviews with many local activists (like Carol and Don, Renee and Chris, Michelle and her mom Emily and Rebecca and Neil and Bob High The Science Guy) and has random acts of propaganda and some tagging in various places about Vancouver. . . . → See: Trip: The BC Bud Chronicles

The Hemp Comeback

Hemp is one of the oldest crops known to human kind, and some historians believe the need for material to make ropes and sails for the Royal Navy, was the real reason behind the establishment of Australia as a penal colony. Now hemp is making a comeback of sorts, supplying growing markets in masonry, fibreglass replacements and textiles. However a push to legalise foods made from hemp seeds could be the key to Australia’s hemp industry taking off. . . . → See: The Hemp Comeback

Super Weed

Documentary revealing the science of marijuana, a plant containing 400 active chemicals and compounds that is one of the most widely-used illicit drugs in the world. Despite marijuana being illegal in most countries, the widely used drug is considered by scientists to be one of our most interesting plants. . . . → See: Super Weed

If Drugs Were Legal

Evidence from Switzerland suggests that prescribing heroin can reduce crime and increase levels of employment among addicts. While still illegal in the UK, cannabis was downgraded to a category C drug in January 2004. Would drug legalisation really reduce crime overall, and would it make drug use any safer? . . . → See: If Drugs Were Legal

The Stoned Ages

Drugs have played a role in our lives since well before recorded human history. History Channel’s ‘The Stoned Ages’ explores the history of drugs from the early cave dwellers who first stumbled upon psychedelic mushrooms to the over 6000-year-old tradition of opium cultivation in the East to a modern pharmaceutical industry with over 24,000 drugs on the market. . . . → See: The Stoned Ages

Marijuana Gold Rush

Marijuana Gold Rush is different from the other documentaries and reality shows that are about to be released because of the way, director/producer/writer, Marc Shaffer, has shown the emerging medical marijuana not in its infancy, but trying to make that paradigm shift to the next level. What Shaffer has done in a Rashomon-style is to portray the many players on both coasts and in between, revealing their ideas and perceptions on where to go with a budding industry while the cameras were rolling unobtrusively in the background. . . . → See: Marijuana Gold Rush


Oakland’s Harborside Health Center is the nation’s largest medicinal cannabis dispensary. Founder and executive director Steve DeAngelo has made twin missions of providing the best possible product to the patients who make up his client base, and educating the rest of the country about the regulation and taxation of those goods. WEED WARS takes an up close and personal look at the reality of running a controversial medicinal cannabis business. . . . → See: WEED WARS

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