Super Weed

Documentary revealing the science of marijuana, a plant containing 400 active chemicals and compounds that is one of the most widely-used illicit drugs in the world. Despite marijuana being illegal in most countries, the widely used drug is considered by scientists to be one of our most interesting plants. . . . → See: Super Weed

Marijuana Gold Rush

Marijuana Gold Rush is different from the other documentaries and reality shows that are about to be released because of the way, director/producer/writer, Marc Shaffer, has shown the emerging medical marijuana not in its infancy, but trying to make that paradigm shift to the next level. What Shaffer has done in a Rashomon-style is to portray the many players on both coasts and in between, revealing their ideas and perceptions on where to go with a budding industry while the cameras were rolling unobtrusively in the background. . . . → See: Marijuana Gold Rush

Medical Cannabis and the California Crisis

SB 420 places the burden of creating a viable system of access to medical cannabis on the counties, particularly the county departments of health. To meet and exceed SB 420’s guidelines, and turn what is ostensibly a new administrative and budgetary burden into a health, safety and financial boon for each county, Ahimsa International proposes the statewide implementation of a county-run program, which will generate much needed county revenue to help offset the devastating effects of the state budget crisis. . . . → See: Medical Cannabis and the California Crisis


On this edition of Peter Lavelle’s CrossTalk: The war on drugs and the cost of it. Can the US and Mexico together force drug trafficking out of their region? Are the tough methods being used really helpful, or do they help spread violence even more? Should the US consider soft-power tactics and legalize some narcotics — a move that would make it much easier to control the market? . . . → See: Mexicated

Plantem Funeral

We had a very Nimbin funeral, featuring Ganja Faeries flitting through the crowd, and the coffin painted with a goanna on top by Gilbert, with a rainbow and the Plantem character by Elspeth and Helen. Local police closed the street for the village funeral procession; an action that was a stark contrast to the police […] . . . → See: Plantem Funeral

Plantem talks HEMP in Nimbin, Australia

Chicken George aka Plantem talks about Cannabis and Nimbin at the Hemp Embassy in 2007. A 60 minute documentary drama that explores the universe and beyond, via the mind of a local legend. Long live the Plantem, hemp hemp hooray. Help End Marijuana Prohibition. Gather in Nimbin for the next “Cannabis Law Reform Rally” on […] . . . → See: Plantem talks HEMP in Nimbin, Australia

Strain Hunters Expedition

Strain Hunters are people that can’t sit still for too long. After completing the Malawi expedition in 2008, Arjan and myself began to think about the next mission. We had many destinations in mind, because the list of places where amazing landraces are awaiting is a long one. After much thinking and talking we selected a few “top-spots” on our list, and started gathering information and ideas. . . . → See: Strain Hunters Expedition

The War on the War on Drugs

Comprised of over 60 independent short scenes shot in a wide variety of cinematic styles, THE WAR ON THE WAR ON DRUGS parodies drug war propaganda and those who insist we fight the drug war at any cost. . . . → See: The War on the War on Drugs

Stoned Free

Discover how to grow your own marijuana in a spare cupboard. For educational purposes only. . . . . → See: Stoned Free

Pediatrics and Medicinal Cannabis

At 2004 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference, Dr. Ethan Russo presents worldwide history of medical marijuana used for childhood diseases: including colic, seizures, pertussis, diarrhea, parasites, wasting syndrome, asthma, tetanus and others. Editor of the “Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics”, Dr. Russo also addresses recent science on anti-cancer agents in Cannabis, ADHD and epilepsy. He is on the Board of Advisors of Patients Out of Time, host of the conference. . . . → See: Pediatrics and Medicinal Cannabis

Acapulco Gold 1978

A “mockumentary” following the exploits of young growers and harvesters of everyone’s favorite medicinal and recreational herb. This film was originally shown on college campuses in the late ’70s, offering instruction on cultivation and smuggling techniques by the “experts”. . . . → See: Acapulco Gold 1978

Ethan Nadelmann: True Obstacles to Drug Law Reform

In 2008, police departments in California made more than 60,000 marijuana possession arrests, three times as many as in 1990. The people arrested are disproportionately African Americans1 and Latinos, overwhelmingly young people, especially young men. . . . → See: Ethan Nadelmann: True Obstacles to Drug Law Reform

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