High, The True Tale of American Marijuana

HIGH takes a fresh look at this hot button issue and asks just how much this “war” costs Americans in money, stress, and even lives. High, The True Tale of American Marijuana. . . . → See: High, The True Tale of American Marijuana

The War on the War on Drugs

Comprised of over 60 independent short scenes shot in a wide variety of cinematic styles, THE WAR ON THE WAR ON DRUGS parodies drug war propaganda and those who insist we fight the drug war at any cost. . . . → See: The War on the War on Drugs

Ultimate Grow 1, 2 and 3

Jorge Cervantes Ultimate Grow. Now, for the first time the world’s ultimate ganja guide brings his expertise to this instructional DVD – taking you step-by-step from seeds and clones to harvest in the high style. . . . → See: Ultimate Grow 1, 2 and 3

Waiting To Inhale

Marijuana, Medicine and the Law. Waiting to Inhale examines the heated debate over marijuana and its use as medicine in the United States. Twelve states have passed legislation to protect patients who use medical marijuana. Yet opponents claim the medical argument is just a smokescreen for a different agenda– to legalize marijuana for recreation and profit. What claims are being made, and what are the stakes? . . . → See: Waiting To Inhale

Stoned Free

Discover how to grow your own marijuana in a spare cupboard. For educational purposes only. . . . . → See: Stoned Free

I Grow Chronic

Hosted by the mysterious Mr. Green, this in-depth documentary takes a candid look at the raising and harvesting of the hemp plant in North America. Step by step, Mr. Green takes the viewer through the process of making an indoor hemp atrium. – . . . → See: I Grow Chronic

In Pot We Trust

The medical use of marijuana is examined from every side of a very complex issue with this documentary that charts the suffering of four chronically ill patients whose reliance on the illegal drug as a pain killer is in jeopardy due to federal anti-narcotic legislation. Reform organizations, prohibitionist groups, politicians, drug war critics, scientists, and celebrities all get their say in this fascinating analysis. – . . . → See: In Pot We Trust

Pediatrics and Medicinal Cannabis

At 2004 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference, Dr. Ethan Russo presents worldwide history of medical marijuana used for childhood diseases: including colic, seizures, pertussis, diarrhea, parasites, wasting syndrome, asthma, tetanus and others. Editor of the “Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics”, Dr. Russo also addresses recent science on anti-cancer agents in Cannabis, ADHD and epilepsy. He is on the Board of Advisors of Patients Out of Time, host of the conference. . . . → See: Pediatrics and Medicinal Cannabis

The Future of Psychedelic and Medical Marijuana Research

The Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is a membership–based, IRS–approved 501 (c) (3) nonprofit research and educational organization. Our mission is 1) to treat conditions for which conventional medicines provide limited relief—such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), pain, drug dependence, anxiety and depression associated with end-of-life issues—by developing psychedelics and marijuana into prescription medicines; 2) to cure many thousands of people by building a network of clinics where treatments can be provided; and 3) to educate the public honestly about the risks and benefits of psychedelics and marijuana. – . . . → See: The Future of Psychedelic and Medical Marijuana Research

How Weed Won the West

In the follow-up to his ground-breaking documentary ‘American Drug War,’ filmmaker Kevin Booth traces the fight against Federal drug regulation in the State of California. A public majority has spoken and said yes to states rights, allowing for the use of medicinal marijuana and opening up a new front in controversial medicinal ‘dispensaries.’ While users herald the freedom of legally-licensed “weed,” powerful forces at the DEA and law enforcement haven’t given up their federal enforcement power yet. Many dispensaries have been raided, targeting their distribution of marijuana and challenging their authority to rise into legitimate business . . . → See: How Weed Won the West

Cannabis, Forgetting, and the Botany of Desire

So we’re going to talk a little bit about sex in your garden, and drugs, and rock and roll. I want to start by briefly explaining what I mean by the botany of desire, about my approach to plants and their relationship to people, and then get on to marijuana. Those who have the book, Botany of Desire, will recognize some of what I’m saying, at least at the start. But I then want to go a little bit deeper into what we’ve learned and what we’re learning about cannabis and the cannabinoid network and memory since the book has come out. We’re learning things actually almost every day about this very exciting area of brain science. . . . → See: Cannabis, Forgetting, and the Botany of Desire

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