High Finance - USA

Groaning under the weight of a $19 billion deficit, California has hatched a plan to legalise its cannabis trade. With $3 billion in tax revenue expected from legalisation, the people are ready to vote for dope. . . . . → See: High Finance – USA

Hemplands Conspiracy

From its introduction into our nation’s Colonial cornucopia, to its criminalization in more recent times, this two part series tell the shocking truth of the most amazing and maligned member of the plant kingdom, Cannabis sativa. This series features a rich archive of rare historic images and insightful observations by Ken Kesey, Dr. Thomas Clark, Gatewood Galbraith, Jack Herer, Woody Harrelson, Bill Maher and many others who follow the warp and weave of this fascinating, true story of how a simple green plant went from imported cash crop to sinister outlaw, to subsidized war hero, to counterculture dropout and may yet return as an environmentally friendly economic force once again. Includes two spellbinding full-length programs, rare photos, film and video, along with an unprecedented collection of interviews and appearances with the best-known, most credible agriculture and hemp authorities in the world today. . . . → See: Hemplands Conspiracy

Mexico's Drug War 2010

Violence is running out of control in Mexico as rival drug cartels battle over the smuggling routes to America. Mexico’s president has declared war on the gangsters but the only result appears to be an escalation of the killings. Katya Adler journeys deep into the heart of a shocking conflict, uncovering the human stories behind the seemingly random and disturbing violence. She asks whether the continuing freedom of the world’s most powerful drug runner, Joaquin ‘Chapo’ Guzman, is evidence that the Government’s war is toothless. . . . → See: Mexico’s Drug War 2010


Sequel to the popular film Esoteric Agenda, this movie focuses on human and universal consciousness and points out a psychich disease that mankind has induced that is creating insane illusions which is allegedly the main cause of pain and suffering. Kymatica goes deeper into the metaphysical aspects of reality and connects ancient myths and history with modern ways of society and political outcome. . . . → See: Kymatica

Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA

POLICE STATE 4 chronicles the sickening depths to which our republic has fallen. Veteran documentary filmmaker Alex Jones conclusively proves the existence of a secret network of FEMA camps, now being expanded nationwide. . . . → See: Police State 4: The Rise of FEMA

Marijuana History 101

There has been a “drug culture” since the dawn of civilization. Sumerian cuneiform tablets from 3000 BC show a poppy harvest, as do ancient Egyptian scripts and Greek statues adorned with poppy crowns. Far more recently, Freud sung the praises of cocaine, which was included in the original recipe for Coca-Cola. But since the industrial revolution, drug use has changed dramatically, and society’s response to this–particularly in America–has been to demonize users and make drugs illegal. HOOKED explores the world of illegal drugs, meeting with pharmacologists and scientists to learn exactly what effect they have on us and exploring the social and legislative changes that have transformed (and, some would argue, created) the drug culture of the 20th century. Outspoken advocates on both sides of the “war on drugs” illuminate this polarizing issue, and fascinating accounts and artifacts illustrate the role of drugs throughout history. . . . → See: Marijuana History 101

Dr. Donald Tashkin Marijuana Lung Cancer Study

Pulmonary specialist and Federal Government researcher from UCLA Geffen School of Medicine finds that marijuana does not cause lung cancer in his study on the effects of cannabis and the lungs. Results of this study are discussed for the first time. If you agree that cannabis should be legal, write a letter to your congressperson and tell them to legalize it! Cannabis was made illegal because the paper industry was split between the hemp and the wood pulp factions. The wood pulp people had more money and won, which caused a negative ripple effect in our society such as the loss of a valuable medicine. Since the prohibition of cannabis began the cancer rates have grown at an alarming rate. Cannabis is used for thousands of purposes and it’s loss of use has caused great hardship to everyone. It is time for truth to prevail and prohibition to stop. . . . → See: Dr. Donald Tashkin Marijuana Lung Cancer Study

Hemp for Victory


The film was made to encourage farmers to grow hemp for the war effort because other industrial fibers, often imported from overseas, were in short supply. The film shows a history of hemp and hemp products, how hemp is grown, and how hemp is processed into rope, cloth, cordage, and other products. As it was made by the US Government, it is public domain and is freely available for download from the Internet Archive. Before 1989, the film was relatively unknown, and the United States Department of Agriculture library and the Library of Congress told all interested parties that no such movie was made by the USDA or any branch of the U.S. government. Two VHS copies were recovered and donated to the Library of Congress on May 19, 1989 by Maria Farrow, Carl Packard, and Jack Herer. . . . → See: Hemp for Victory

Cannabis: The Evil Weed?

Cannabis is the world’s favourite drug, but also one of the least understood. Can cannabis cause schizophrenia? Is it addictive? Can it lead you on to harder drugs? Or is it simply a herb, an undervalued medicine? . . . → See: Cannabis: The Evil Weed?

THE UNION: the business behind getting high

Ever wonder what British Columbia’s most profitable industries are? Logging? Fishing? Tourism? Ever think to include marijuana? If you haven’t, think again. . . . → See: THE UNION: the business behind getting high

Marijuana: It's Time For A Conversation


An award-winning, half-hour video featuring travel writer Rick Steves and nationally-recognized experts in the fields of science, policy and law. The video highlights a multimedia campaign designed to spark a public conversation about our marijuana laws, asking us to consider whether these laws are working for us, or doing more harm than good. . . . → See: Marijuana: It’s Time For A Conversation

Stoned in Suburbia (Cannabis Users interviews UK 2005)


Stoned In Suburbia is a social history film, examining the change in people’s opinions to cannabis over the past 50 years. Discussing the impact of the 60’s sexual revolution, the Hippie movement, the emergence of the Punks right up until the modern day. . . . → See: Stoned in Suburbia (Cannabis Users interviews UK 2005)

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