420 Global Marijuana March 2010 Nimbin, Australia

2010 HEMP OLYMPIX Mens Final – Bong Throw and Yell

Sunday 2nd of May from Peace Park hosted by Sorrensen and Glover. . . . → See: 2010 HEMP OLYMPIX Mens Final – Bong Throw and Yell

Cannabis Cup 2010 Nimbin MardiGrass

2010 MardiGrass Parade

See the street parade in Nimbin, Australia during the annual Cannabis law reform rally and gathering on the first weekend of May each year. . . . → See: 2010 MardiGrass Parade

2010 HEMP OLYMPIX Growers Ironperson – Part one

Plantem Funeral

We had a very Nimbin funeral, featuring Ganja Faeries flitting through the crowd, and the coffin painted with a goanna on top by Gilbert, with a rainbow and the Plantem character by Elspeth and Helen. Local police closed the street for the village funeral procession; an action that was a stark contrast to the police […] . . . → See: Plantem Funeral

nine eleven 2010


We have come together to jointly declare that you are not acting on behalf of the citizens of Nimbin; we utterly reject any notion that you are acting in our interests. The huge occupying police force is stationed here in Nimbin for POLITICAL reasons. Your presence has nothing to do with keeping the peace. Your occupying police force is in Nimbin to make sure that the people of Nimbin are forced to live in a way that politicians, who live a long way away from Nimbin, find acceptable. . . . → See: nine eleven 2010

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