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Hemporium SA


The Hemporium is a South African hemp company, founded in 1996. They aim to educate people about hemp’s potential through the use of innovative products while creating an awareness of all that hemp has to offer. Their long term goal is to promote the cultivation and use of industrial hemp as a sustainable crop in South Africa.
Here is a segment taken from an outstanding South African Television production on SABC3: ‘Free Spirit’.

Tony Budden Hemporium South Africa.
Tony Budden of ‘Hemporium’ [], a South African company that specializes in the multifarious products that can be made from hemp, talks about the environmental, nutritional, industrial, social and spiritual benefits of using hemp to provide us with almost all of our everyday products. These range from biodegradable plastics, non toxic detergents, composites that are stronger than steel yet lighter, finest quality paper, foods, textiles and many more.
He explains how the crop is a natural pest deterrent and requires no pesticides and very little fertilizer (natural please) and touches on the fascinating history of the plant revealing many important truths of our day. A must see for people who care about the planet and want to live as harmlessly as possible!


Hemporium is a Hemp company dedicated to educating people about industrial hemp’s potential through its usage in their various innovative products, including home wear, cosmetics and clothing.
Their profound belief in awakening a wider environmental consciousness by moving hemp out of an alternative culture and into the mainstream, made them an enthusiastic sponsor of all the hemp fabrics used in our eco fashion shoot this issue.
Hemp itself is a misunderstood little plant, not just for certain dubious members of society; it is a remarkably versatile substance with anti-bacterial & UV protective properties. Durable and breathable, it has 3 times the tensile strength of cotton, and softens with washing and wearing, to become more comfortable with time. Wearing a hemp tee vs. a cotton tee will significantly help save the planet: 0.8 square meters of land, 2000 liters of water, 77 grams of fertilizers and 1 gram of toxic pesticides – now that’s a fashionable cause.




Hemp, known in other languages as asa, hanf, hamp, chanvre, bhang, canamo, kannab or cannabis, is thought to be one of the earliest plants cultivated for the production of a textile fibre.

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