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I Grow Chronic

Hosted by the mysterious Mr. Green, this in-depth documentary takes a candid look at the raising and harvesting of the hemp plant in North America. Step by step, Mr. Green takes the viewer through the process of making an indoor hemp atrium.

I Grow Chronic! Mr. Green removes the mystery and confusion surrounding the construction and maintenance of a basic hydroponic indoor marijuana grow room . Covering “Basic Priciples”, “Grow Room Preparations”, “Vegetative Room Construction”, “Flowering Room Construction”, “Seed Germination”, “Cloning”, “Determining A Plant’s Sex”, “Completing the Vegetative Process”, “Flowering”, “Harvest, Trimming & Curing”, “Daily Maintanance & Plant Survival”.

The ‘how-to’ video, I Grow Chronic produced by Mr. Green has helped countless people get started growing their own.

Watch ‘I Grow Chronic’ and learn step-by-step how to set up an affordable indoor marijuana grow room that produces about a quarter pound, or 4-6 ounces of quality bud every 8 weeks, or possibly sooner depending on the strain. Since Mr. Green made this video, there have been HUGE developments in marijuana genetics, shortening the harvest time considerably in today’s most popular strains.

1 Hour 25 Minutes in length – I Grow Chronic will get you off to a successful start growing your own quality sensimilla, highly suitable for medical marijuana or whatever ails you.

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