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Pediatrics and Medicinal Cannabis

Pediatrics and Medicinal Cannabis, with Ethan Russo, MD.

At 2004 Cannabis Therapeutics Conference, Dr. Ethan Russo presents worldwide history of medical marijuana used for childhood diseases: including colic, seizures, pertussis, diarrhea, parasites, wasting syndrome, asthma, tetanus and others. Editor of the “Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics”, Dr. Russo also addresses recent science on anti-cancer agents in Cannabis, ADHD and epilepsy. He is on the Board of Advisors of Patients Out of Time, host of the conference.

At Second Clinical Cannabis Therapeutics Conference in Portland, OR (2002), Dr. Ethan Russo recounts major studies on the use of marijuana by different populations.
Beginning with the India Hemp Drugs Commission in 1893, Dr. Russo reports that every study came to basically the same conclusion –
Society has no cause for concern regarding the effects of Cannabis use on health or crime, and in fact, it has many positives – like medicinal value, spiritual traditions and productivity.
Other studies mentioned:
* Panama Canal Zone Army Study (1930)
* La Guardia Report ( 1943)
* Shaffer Commission (1972), with data from Greece, Costa Rica, Jamaica and America.
* N.Y. Academy of Sciences (1976)
* and other N.I.D.A. investigations.
Dr. Russo cites a great reference book for further study:
“Marijuana Myths; Marijuana Facts”, by Lynn Zimmer and Dr. John Morgan.
Dr. Russo also debunks the myth that today’s marijuana is stronger than 1970’s marijuana.
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