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Jew York City Marijuana Shout-Out

In an fascinating development of the Joesph Barton and Jay Debberman Marijuana Break-in Trial the people who are rising to the occasion to address the rapid losing of the inalienable rights our Constitution was set in place to protect are from very different backgrounds.

In this post call-in, after “Farther Down the Rabbit Hole” went live, Joe Friendly called in initially contracted about the manner Joe Barton deals with the Judge to a far more expanded state (aided by the workings of injected vs smoked hemp oil).

Paula Gloria felt the expansion and went with it and in the discussion about whether or not Joe Friendly is submissive to the courts which deserve (according to Posr and Joe Barton) far more critical treatment and treatment that is shared even if “not polite”, Joe Friendly shares a beautiful story of his family background which is bound to melt the hearts of any passing antisemitism by giving a connection of empathy into the culture and tendency to teach, heal, seek and show a better way to others. A public access gem.


Cured: A Cannabis Story (A film by David Triplett)

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