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Sequel to the popular film Esoteric Agenda, this movie focuses on human and universal consciousness and points out a psychich disease that mankind has induced that is creating insane illusions which is allegedly the main cause of pain and suffering.

Kymatica goes deeper into the metaphysical aspects of reality and connects ancient myths and history with modern ways of society and political outcome. Explains shamanism, duality, and reality behind DNAs and modern false beliefs. Kymatica is another movie which attempts to point out the fundamental misconception that humankind are facing today that has resulted in imbalance between planet, nature and species. Made by filmmaker Ben Stewart.

Filmmaker Ben Stewart is back on the program to talk about his new film project Kymatica. We talk about Ben’s trip to South America and his Lakota style Marriage. We begin with his trip to Iquitos in Peru and talk about the floating cities. Topics Discussed: Ayahuascha, Food, Fasting, Sanitation, Native Americans, Shamanism, Genocide, Sexuality, Perversion, Violence, Grand Theft Auto, Different Levels of Control of Mans Primary needs, Food, Energy and Sex, Promiscuity in the media, Purpose of manipulation of our sexuality, Wilhelm Reich, Religion and Morality.

We continue our discussion on our members section and talk about Cymatics, Language, The Hebrew Alphabet, Runes, The First Language, DNA, Electromagnetic fields, the Brain and the Heart, Fear, Manipulation, Sickness, Thought, Quantum field, Pagan Light Festivities and much more

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