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Medical Cannabis and the California Crisis

Proposal for a Medical Cannabis Safety Program:
An introduction to the facts, the program, the organizations and their roles, the stages of development, and the multiple safety and health hazards.

Ahimsa International is seeking the cooperation and support of numerous organizations and proponents of safe medical cannabis in order to bring to California a system which will provide qualified patients throughout the state with safe access to safe medical cannabis. By providing patients with the safety that they so urgently need and deserve, we are remedying serious, community health and safety hazards while also providing safety and other benefits to the families of the patients, their communities, state and national forest visitors and neighbors, law enforcement officers, and all citizens served by county programs maintained by a well-funded treasury.

SB 420 places the burden of creating a viable system of access to medical cannabis on the counties, particularly the county departments of health. To meet and exceed SB 420’s guidelines, and turn what is ostensibly a new administrative and budgetary burden into a health, safety and financial boon for each county, Ahimsa International proposes the statewide implementation of a county-run program, which will generate much needed county revenue to help offset the devastating effects of the state budget crisis.

A Summary

The Medical Cannabis Safety Program is rather comprehensive, involving the cooperation of a number of organizations performing very specific and necessary roles. Essentially, the program calls for each county to establish at least one medical cannabis dispensary where qualified patients may purchase safe medical cannabis.

Several organizations, acting as community partners, will work with the counties to effect the program. Ahimsa International would provide managerial and inventory purchasing services. The California Medical Cannabis Directory would provide patient registry and tracking services. The California Medical Cannabis Growers Guild will provide strict cultivation guidelines for members who will be supplying the medical cannabis to the dispensaries. The Medical Cannabis Safety Center will be responsible for performing the quality control testing of the medical cannabis, potentially with the assistance of Sheriff and Health department lab facilities. Local law enforcement agencies could assist with public education, provide support for the Guild, and enhance safety in the communities that are hosting the dispensaries. The county health departments could oversee the patient registry, the Guild member cultivation operations and the dispensaries.

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Chris Conrad:

The Facts

• Serious hazard exists, both medically and environmentally:
• Patients are ingesting medical cannabis which is known to contain contaminants that can compromise their health and exacerbate their illnesses.
• State and national forests and watersheds are being destroyed by the pesticides and high phosphate chemical fertilizers that marijuana growers are using on their illicit crops.
• Local tourism and fish and game economies are being seriously impacted by the known danger of entering certain areas of state and national forest and the large re-direction of water flow to illicit grow operations.
• Chronically and seriously ill patients throughout California remain in desperate need of safe access to safe medical cannabis.
• The enactment of SB 420 requires California counties to implement a program(s) to meet this need.
• County treasuries are severely diminished due to the loss of county revenue to the state treasury, which has compromised the counties’ abilities to fund already existing programs.
• California counties are faced with the burden of funding an additional program.
• Medical Cannabis is in high demand, and the criminal market is thriving..
• The sale of medical cannabis is a lucrative business best diverted to county treasuries to fund education and prevention programs in the community.
• Ahimsa International has developed a program that will provide qualified patients with safe access to safe, quality medical cannabis and provide county treasuries with a source of revenue to fund both a medical cannabis program and other county programs.

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