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Pot In Pans - Cooking with Marijuana

It may sound like a waste to throw the pot in the pot, but this cooking program will let aspiring chefs take their cooking skills a little higher. From snacks to full-course meals, marijuana adds an extra dimension to cuisine that not only improves the flavor but will have guests satisfying the munchies before they even start.

For medicinal marijuana users curious to seek out a delicious alternative to smoking, culinary experts Chef Magic and his sidekick Serge present a series of recipes that are as easy on the lungs as they are simple to prepare. With a wide variety of recipes ranging from simple snacks to full meals and delightful deserts, Chef Magic and Serge offer a humorous and informative introduction into the wondrous world of cooking with marijuana. Each recipe is prepared right before the viewer’s eyes, giving those suffering from such maladies as muscular dystrophy, cancer, and AIDS a chance to take their medicine and enjoy it, too.

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