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 Welcome to NIMBIN TELEVISION: Hemp Definition.


Information about Cannabis or hemp and its’ many applications including; food, fuel, fibre, medicine and pleasure.

Each page has text and pictures with a video from youtube or other sources. NTV HD also contains video for Nimbin MardiGrass, the annual Cannabis law reform rally in May and is affiliated with the HEMP Embassy. 

New additions to the index appear on the VIDEO Page




Clearing the Smoke:



Nimbin MardiGrass 2014

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Nimbin MardiGrass.

The annual Cannabis law reform rally and gathering on the first Sunday of May each year until the prohibition is abolished.

Then we will call Nimbin MardiGrass a festival.

Visit the web site for tickets, accommodation, transport and program details.

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NIMBIN TELEVISION  Most of the content is about Cannabis Law Reform and portrays the virtues of hemp for food, fuel, fibre, medicine and pleasure.

Some of the listed content may have changed or disappeared since it was added to this site. Replacement videos and new additions are sourced when available.

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